Conveyancing Costs Information

We only take conveyancing instructions from our existing clients. However, we are required for regulatory purposes to provide details of our charges for residential conveyancing. This price guidance is not intended as an advertisement for these services.

We are not on any bank panels and generally therefore cannot handle purchases involving mortgage financing.

Our fees
We charge on the basis of the time it takes to handle a transaction. It is difficult to predict at the outset what the costs of any one transaction may be, as these will be determined by the complexity of the title or matters affecting the property.

As at May 2024 our hourly rates are £315 for our chartered legal executive and £365 for our property solicitors. (Our rates are reviewed annually.) VAT must be added to the hourly rates in each case.

Residential conveyancing may be handled either by a solicitor or a licensed conveyancer. We will give you details of the experience and qualifications of those working on the transaction when we issue an engagement letter on commencing work. Our fees are not based on the value of the property being conveyed.

For a straightforward freehold transaction our fees are likely to range between £3,000-5,000 plus VAT and disbursements.

Factors that will increase the cost include:

  • Leasehold structures
  • Conditionality of contract
  • Listed buildings
  • Defects in title
  • Lease extension
  • Declarations of trust
  • Unregistered land
  • Sitting tenants
  • Non-standard SDLT analysis
  • Any litigious elements


Disbursements are charged in addition in respect of fees payable to third parties. These may include:

  • Search fees – usually in the region of £450 + VAT for an urban property
  • Official copies of Land Registry entries, £3 per copy
  • Bank transfer fees £1-£25
  • Notice of transfer (leasehold only) £50-£75 + VAT
  • Registration fee for the transfer of the property – £95-£910
  • SDLT – this will be determined according to the purchase price of the property and whether the purchaser will have an interest (following the purchase) in more than one property.


We would expect a straightforward transaction to proceed to completion within 2-3 months of our instruction. We pay any SDLT liability on completion and immediately make the application to register the transfer at the Land Registry. This can take some months to be completed.

May 2024